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Fanduel Launches 2012 MLB Contests

On Friday, March 9th, FanDuel opened it’s 2012 MLB daily fantasy contests for entry. The format will be very similar to past years, with no changes to scoring and only one minor change to roster configuration. This year, instead of separate positions for RF, CF, and LF, rosters will have three OF, with no specifically designated positions. This change was made due to popular demand (as indicated in several user surveys) and should lead to slightly greater roster variety, as contest participants will be faced with more options on days with limited schedules.

FanDuel will be offering many new contest types this season, including three player contests as a standard offering, ten player contests that pay the top three finishers, twenty five player contests, more low buy in contests (such as $1 50/50s) and more high buy in contests (such as five player $270 entry fee contests).

In addition, FanDuel will run our greatest variety of daily tournaments yet, with entry fees ranging from $1 to $270 most days. One new wrinkle for MLB tournaments is that (like all contests starting since January) each lineup submitted will need to include at least three players, and for most multi-entry tournaments each participant will be limited to a maximum of five entries. Combined, these two changes should put some curbs on the dreaded ‘stacking’ strategy and make tournaments more fun for everyone.


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