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FFFC Finals Coverage Here

For the latest finalist video interviews, live scoring during the finals today, and more FFFC finals coverage from Fanduel, visit the FFFC Finals Page:


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FFFC – Monday Update

The current leader in this week’s FFFC contest is Gladiators with 174.56. The only other person in the top 50 who seems to have a realistic chance to catch him is Michaelc, currently in 11th place with 154.26 and with Hines Ward playing tonight. Good luck to both…it should be an exciting finish!

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FFFC Monday Update

It’s going to be a wild Monday night in the FFFC. Just from the top ten, the following people are still alive for the top spot:
Pudge (1st), 137.09 plus Foster.
Dabigu (3rd), 132.08 plus Wayne.
Petemiraglia (4th), 128.16 plus Wayne and Rackers.
Sportsgarage (6th), 127.80 plus Schaub
Claysilver (10th), 124.26 plus Johnson.

Others in the top 25 with a mathematical chance to finish first are:
Btc212, 123.16 plus Garcon
Littlebigfish, 115.56 plus Foster and Garcon
Jas663, 112.98 plus Foster and Vinatieri

There are many, many people further down the list who are still alive with 2, 3, 4 or more players remaining though. This is by far the most wide open week we’ve had going into Monday night. It’s very likely that the outcome won’t be decided until the last play of the game.

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Carl K, 24, from Philadelphia – a Vegas Virgin!

FFFC Winner Week 3

Carl....He's smiling inside!

Carl K lives at home with his parents in Philadelphia. He works in Target. He doesn’t own a car and has never been to Vegas before. But he wants that all to change by winning the $25,000 prize in the FFFC Grand Final!

Carl (aka phiflyers200345) is our Week 3 FFFC winner, winning $500 plus the expenses paid trip to Vegas for the Grand Final in December. He’s also our youngest winner yet – only 24.

I caught up with him today and discovered how he was about to give up on the FFFC

Name: Carl K

Age: 24

Occupation: Works in Target

So, you won! You must be so pleased! How did it feel?

I was shocked. So shocked. I actually cried when I realized I won. I only started watching the games around 4pm because I’d been so busy before that doing my rosters for my fantasy baseball leagues. I honestly thought I was going to lose until it was all over on Monday. I couldn’t believe it.

What did your family say when you told them about your win?

I waited until Monday before I told my mom, just to be sure. She was so happy – she was calling people at 1am.

What was your winning formula?

I’d entered the two previous weeks, but thought there was such a slim chance of winning, there was little point in entering again. But I figured I could try something different this week, shake it up a little.

Boldin hadn’t done well the past two weeks, I thought it was time for him to finally do some good this week. And he delivered. I didn’t have Vick on my winning team, although had him on the other teams I entered. I was mad at myself for not having him, but it turned out having Brady, Johnson and Peterson combined with Boldin was enough!

Have you won anything like this in the past?

I won a $5,000 contest on Fanball a couple of years ago, but nothing like this really. A chance to win $25,000 is just incredible.

Other than winning, what was the best thing about the FFFC?

The daily draft concept is very cool, and FanDuel doesn’t take as much in commission as the other sites, so I love playing here.

What do you do when you’re not winning fantasy football contests?

I play hockey. Real hockey, not just fantasy hockey! I’m really into sports.

Have you been playing FanDuel long?

No, I just joined this season.

Have you been to Las Vegas before?

I have never been to Vegas before, and am so excited about finally getting. This will probably be my only trip there ever, so I’m really going to enjoy myself!

If you won the $25,000 in the Grand Final, what would you spend it on?

I still live with my folks, so I’ll put it towards getting my own apartment or maybe a car. It would totally change my life.

Week 4 of the FFFC is now open for team selection – click here to get your picks in now.

Does that $25,000 have YOUR name on it?

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FFFC Week 3 Monday Update

Phiflyers200345 is leading after all Sunday games finished with 178.34 points. The only player in the top 50 who isn’t mathematically eliminated from passing him is D_fresh, who has 145.94 with Jennings playing tonight. Four players in the top 50 have Finley, but Phiflyers200345 is safe, because the top score among those 4 is another one of his teams! The other three are paulgreco, dbird731 (last week’s winner!), and d_fresh. There is also one other player in the top 50 with Jennings (moneymaker). It seems as though the main threat to Phiflyers200345 will be if anyone has a combination of two or more players in tonight’s games. That seems very possible, with Finley, Jennings, Rodgers, Driver, Jackson, Forte, Cutler, and Knox all appearing to be reasonable choices.

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FFFC Week 2 Update

With only one game left on this week’s schedule, we can take an early look at the FFFC Week 2 results.  The leader is dbird731.  His lead is less than 1 point over cmdrunners, but (like all of the top ten) cmdrunners has no players in tonight’s game.   Incredibly, dbird731 also has the 3rd place team!

We’ve looked through the rosters of the top 100 teams, and it appears that only four of them have players in tonight’s game:

69, hatepaste 125.4 (Nedney)

70, wonderboy 125.25 (Saints D)

76 injuryrate 124.76 (Saints D)

82 cstraw 124.06 (Henderson)

While it wouldn’t be a surprise for one or more of them to break into the top ten, none look like they have a chance to win the contest.  If anyone is going to overtake dbird731, it will need to be someone currently outside of the top 100, with at least two players in tonight’s game.

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FFFC Week 1 In The Books

The FFFC Week 1 is in the books. Dave N. (dnut13) won the first seat in the FFFC finals in Las Vegas, and it came down to the last play as he was just 3.2 points ahead of 2nd place finisher Damian, who had both Philip Rivers and Legedu Naanee active on his team!

The Full Top Ten:
1 dnut13 156.52
2 damian 153.32
3 sportsgarage 149.02
4 rkulaski 148.12
5 cstraw 147.72
6 bman13 145.88
7 halman 144.02
8 yogibuff 142.02
9 ofus10 141.82
10 tonycincotta 139.02

Dave’s winning roster included:
Tom Brady
Chris Johnson
Matt Forte
Reggie Wayne
Hakeem Nicks
Jabar Gaffney
Zach Miller
Joe Nedney
Arizona Cardinals

Read our interview with Dave here

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