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Carl K, 24, from Philadelphia – a Vegas Virgin!

FFFC Winner Week 3

Carl....He's smiling inside!

Carl K lives at home with his parents in Philadelphia. He works in Target. He doesn’t own a car and has never been to Vegas before. But he wants that all to change by winning the $25,000 prize in the FFFC Grand Final!

Carl (aka phiflyers200345) is our Week 3 FFFC winner, winning $500 plus the expenses paid trip to Vegas for the Grand Final in December. He’s also our youngest winner yet – only 24.

I caught up with him today and discovered how he was about to give up on the FFFC

Name: Carl K

Age: 24

Occupation: Works in Target

So, you won! You must be so pleased! How did it feel?

I was shocked. So shocked. I actually cried when I realized I won. I only started watching the games around 4pm because I’d been so busy before that doing my rosters for my fantasy baseball leagues. I honestly thought I was going to lose until it was all over on Monday. I couldn’t believe it.

What did your family say when you told them about your win?

I waited until Monday before I told my mom, just to be sure. She was so happy – she was calling people at 1am.

What was your winning formula?

I’d entered the two previous weeks, but thought there was such a slim chance of winning, there was little point in entering again. But I figured I could try something different this week, shake it up a little.

Boldin hadn’t done well the past two weeks, I thought it was time for him to finally do some good this week. And he delivered. I didn’t have Vick on my winning team, although had him on the other teams I entered. I was mad at myself for not having him, but it turned out having Brady, Johnson and Peterson combined with Boldin was enough!

Have you won anything like this in the past?

I won a $5,000 contest on Fanball a couple of years ago, but nothing like this really. A chance to win $25,000 is just incredible.

Other than winning, what was the best thing about the FFFC?

The daily draft concept is very cool, and FanDuel doesn’t take as much in commission as the other sites, so I love playing here.

What do you do when you’re not winning fantasy football contests?

I play hockey. Real hockey, not just fantasy hockey! I’m really into sports.

Have you been playing FanDuel long?

No, I just joined this season.

Have you been to Las Vegas before?

I have never been to Vegas before, and am so excited about finally getting. This will probably be my only trip there ever, so I’m really going to enjoy myself!

If you won the $25,000 in the Grand Final, what would you spend it on?

I still live with my folks, so I’ll put it towards getting my own apartment or maybe a car. It would totally change my life.

Week 4 of the FFFC is now open for team selection – click here to get your picks in now.

Does that $25,000 have YOUR name on it?


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Meet Dave N – he’s just won the first seat in the Vegas Final

Week 1 Winner of the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship

Dave is smiling. Unsurprisingly.

According to Dave N’s Facebook profile, he’s just had the best weekend ever. Not only did the Chiefs win, but he also won an expenses paid trip to Vegas and a chance to win $25,000 in the first ever FanDuel Fantasy Football LIVE Championship. Yes, he’s won the first seat at the table in December. Not bad for a $10 entry fee.

I just caught up with him on the phone – he’s one cool dude. Here’s what he had to say about his win.

So, you won! You must be so pleased!

It was amazing. I went to watch the 1pm games at a sports bar with my buddies and by 2pm I realised that all my players had scored touchdowns  –  I knew then that my FanDuel team must have been doing well. I got home at 4pm and immediately switched on my laptop and my buddies and I were glued to the live scoring for the rest of the day.

How did it feel when it was so close?

I’ve never won much in fantasy before, certainly not much in the way of money or against really good players – and there are some awesome players on FanDuel. I knew that all the good players had Arian Foster, and I didn’t have him, I thought I’d made a big mistake.

It was nerve-wracking.

Have you won anything like this in the past?

I’ve entered a few high stakes fantasy games in the past, but not even made the play-offs before now.

Have you told your friends/family about your win? What did they say?

My mom is my Facebook stalker, so as soon as I updated my Facebook profile saying that I was leading in the FanDuel tournament and in with a chance of winning $25k, she was on the phone to me finding out more. She was following it as closely as I was!

Other than winning, what was the best thing about the FFFC?

I was leading pretty much from the beginning, and was then just glued to the live scoring after that. I was trying to track who I needed not to do well! I needed Phil Rivers not to get a Touchdown pass, I needed San Diego defense not to do well. I couldn’t take my eyes off the live scoring, that was awesome.

Which was your best player?

While Chris Johnson obviously scored the most points, I think a lot of people had him. My most important player was definitely Hakeen Nicks who scored three touchdowns.

What do you do when you’re not winning fantasy football contests?

I’m really into sports, so I do a lot of running, I play in baseball and basketball teams and I also spend a lot of time playing poker.

How did you find out about FanDuel?

My buddy played FanDuel last football season and told me about it back in April this year. I signed up and I’m no fantasy baseball player, but I knew I wanted to play fantasy football there just as soon as September came round. I joined FanDuel’s Facebook fan page, to make sure I never forgot about it.

Have you been playing FanDuel long?

I entered a couple of regular football contests last week, then entered a couple of teams into the FFFC, so not very long!

Do you enjoy playing it, if so why?

I loved playing it! I love the salary cap. Obviously I’m a big fan of the regular draft too, but it’s very cool to go week-to-week, it adds an extra element to it, a new aspect to playing Fantasy. I’m already in 3 season-long fantasy leagues this year, all around $200 entry, but they’re just with my buddies. FanDuel is a whole new way of playing Fantasy.

Have you been to Las Vegas before?

I’ve been to Vegas a million times, but I totally love it! I lived there for 4 months and am going to move back there soon, at least for a year. Besides that, it really suits my lifestyle, the weather is much better than in Ohio!

If you won the top prize of $25,000 in the Grand Final, what would you spend it on?

I know it sounds boring but honestly, I’d use it to supplement my poker bankroll and play in higher stake poker games. And obviously to play even more FanDuel fantasy football!

Dave will be joining us at the $40,000 grand final in Vegas on December 5th – will you?

Click here to draft your team for the Week 2 Qualifier

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