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A look at the best fantasy football team names for 2010

You should be able to create a good team name from this

So here we are. The fantasy football season is nearly upon us. Some of you are still drafting teams. Some of you have already done that. Some of you have already drafted four teams and still have to draft five others (by the way, if you’re doing that, you have a problem). But the biggest problem you face isn’t who to draft. No, you’ve done your homework there. The real question is, what the hell do I name my team? Seriously, it’s an issue that plagues us all. So, for some assistance, here’s a look at some of the greatest fantasy football team names already devised for this season (minus the extremely lewd ones).

  • BigBensBathroomCrew
  • DezBDoesDallas
  • Golden Tate Bridge
  • FavreDollarFootlong
  • Do us all a Favre and retire
  • I’m Thinkin’ RB’s
  • Maclin on Chicks
  • Steve Breastonlargement
  • Breaston My Face (this one might be even better)
  • Burressted Development
  • Marvin Harrison’s Run & Shoot Offense
  • Carry On My Heyward-Bey Son
  • Make it Wayne on Them Hoes
  • I Dream of Mangini
  • Corn on the Schaub
  • Kibbles and Vick
  • Taste Dwyane Bowe
  • The Forte Year Old Virgin
  • The More You Knowshon Moreno
  • Marshall Faulk You
  • TheSchaubShankRedemption

And of course, feel free to add more in the comments.


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