Welcome Dylan Kidder to FanDuel

We’d like to introduce you to Dylan Kidder (username: DylanAtFanduel) who joins FanDuel as our Customer Support Agent. Dylan graduated from Providence College with a B.A. in marketing. He’s a big Providence fan and is excited about the promising new recruits the basketball program is bringing in. After graduating, he spent the last two-plus years working for Marriott Hotels in various capacities before joining our team.

Dylan represents another fantasy sports veteran for the FanDuel staff. He’s been the commissioner of his NFL keeper league for 9 years and scored nearly $5,000 in FanDuel winnings prior to joining the team. It remains to be seen if Dylan’s loyalty to the Patriots and Celtics will cause any tensions around the New York office.

The addition of Dylan to our customer support team will allow us to better serve our ever-growing base of users. Dylan will be helping us to respond to support tickets more quickly, offer more live chat availability, and generally make the experience for our users, both new and old, more friendly and trouble-free.


April 16, 2012 at 4:30 pm 1 comment

FanDuel Mobile Beta

FanDuel is coming to a smartphone near you! We are working hard to optimize the site for mobile so it feels like an app, and our first beta version of this is now live.

It’s a big job to mobile optimize a whole site in one shot so we’re going piece by piece. We also want to get the pieces out to you as soon as they’re ready. In the current version we have optimized:
-Login screen
-Mobile homescreen with a summary of Live or Upcoming contests
-My Contests
-H2H and league view (with live scoring via manual refresh)

Coming soon:
-Entering and editing teams
-True live scoring
-My Account
-Support tickets
These items will be rebuilt for mobile over the coming months. In the meantime you can access them on the main site from links on the mobile homepage, and you can switch back to the main site at any time by clicking “Main site” at the bottom of any mobile screen.

If you have any feedback on our mobile site we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at mobilefeedback@fanduel.com.

April 12, 2012 at 1:27 pm 1 comment

Greenmonstah Wins March Tournament King

FanDuel regular Greenmonstah took down the top prize in the recent March Tournament King promotion. ‘The Monstah’ earned $300 and bragging rights as the top finisher, beating out two other site regulars. Ap4pres win $150 for 2nd place and FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship finalist Plugdog won $50 for 3rd place.

The key tournament of the competition was a $10 entry Buzzer Beater during the Sweet Sixteen, where Greenmonstah finished first (a $300 win), while Plugdog and Ap4Pres tied for 5th place, one spot out of the money.

College basketball contests on FanDuel are now done for the 2011-2012 season, but will return in November.

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FanDuel’s New Referral Program

FanDuel has launched our new Referral Program today. The new program will allow players on FanDuel to financially participate in the growth of the site, by getting paid commissions on all cash contests that their referrals join. Full details of the program are available in the new Referral Center, which can be accessed by clicking on the yellow ‘Refer Friends’ button in the upper right corner of the FanDuel web site.

Under the new program, the old $10 flat referral fee paid for depositing referrals will be replaced by a sliding commission scale, where the referrer will be paid a minimum of 20% of net revenue generated by the entry fees of their recruits. Depending on total volume in any given month, commissions can reach as high as 35%.

The new Referral Center has an introductory video to the program, tools for issuing invitations, the full terms and conditions of the new program, and tracking data on new referrals and commissions earned.

March 14, 2012 at 6:54 pm 4 comments

2012 Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship Now Open

The 2012 Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship is now open for entry. This years DFBC features a total prize pool of $250,000, with $100,000 to be awarded to the first place finisher. In addition, the finals will now take place at Lagasse’s Stadium in Las Vegas, with each of the 15 finalists winning a free trip for two to attend the finals.

Qualifying tournaments will be held every Friday for fifteen weeks, starting with one on April 6th. Each entry is $10, and participants can enter as many times as they want. The top finisher each week wins a seat in the finals (where a total of $200,000 will be awarded in one day) on July 29th and the Las Vegas trip. An additional $3,333 of runner-up prizes will be awarded each week, split among the next 55 finishers.

This year’s top prize is four times what was awarded to last year’s DFBC winner, and even exceeds the $75,000 awarded to Christopher Prince (Beermakersfan) for winning the 2011 FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship.

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Fanduel Launches 2012 MLB Contests

On Friday, March 9th, FanDuel opened it’s 2012 MLB daily fantasy contests for entry. The format will be very similar to past years, with no changes to scoring and only one minor change to roster configuration. This year, instead of separate positions for RF, CF, and LF, rosters will have three OF, with no specifically designated positions. This change was made due to popular demand (as indicated in several user surveys) and should lead to slightly greater roster variety, as contest participants will be faced with more options on days with limited schedules.

FanDuel will be offering many new contest types this season, including three player contests as a standard offering, ten player contests that pay the top three finishers, twenty five player contests, more low buy in contests (such as $1 50/50s) and more high buy in contests (such as five player $270 entry fee contests).

In addition, FanDuel will run our greatest variety of daily tournaments yet, with entry fees ranging from $1 to $270 most days. One new wrinkle for MLB tournaments is that (like all contests starting since January) each lineup submitted will need to include at least three players, and for most multi-entry tournaments each participant will be limited to a maximum of five entries. Combined, these two changes should put some curbs on the dreaded ‘stacking’ strategy and make tournaments more fun for everyone.

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Welcome Justin Hume to FanDuel

We’d like to introduce you to Justin Hume (username: JustinAtFanduel) who joins FanDuel as our Operations Assistant. Justin has worked for several fantasy sports businesses, including Rotohog.com and Fantasyworld.com. He also ran Dailyprojections.com (a website that provided daily baseball projections) and Weeklyprojections.com (a website that provided weekly football projections) back in the dark ages of daily fantasy, before FanDuel was created. Justin’s fantasy sports experience goes back further than his work history, as he has played in a wide variety of contests over the years. Justin graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.A. in Business Administration. As you might expect, he’s a diehard Jayhawks fan.

Justin’s responsibilities at FanDuel will include involvement in a wide variety of Product Operations tasks, such as contest and tournament creation, administration of player lists and pricing, and communications regarding various FanDuel promotions. The addition of Justin to the FanDuel team will allow us to make proactive adjustments, such as promptly offering more quantity and variety of tournament types that are in high demand, and rapidly adjusting player pricing to reduce lineup overlap.

February 24, 2012 at 5:24 pm 1 comment

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