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Mobile Draft Screen released

FanDuel is excited to announce the release of our new mobile draft screen. FanDuel users have been able to log-in, see their live and upcoming contests, and watch live scoring on our mobile beta site for several weeks now, but now users will be able to create and edit lineups quickly and easily from their mobile devices.

Our mobile draft screen was created with an emphasis on speed, simplicity, and convenience. FanDuel users can remove players with a single click, and add players through our new mobile player selection screen which allows either scrolling through a full list of available players or typing in all or part of a player’s name to narrow down the list. The new mobile site is great for last-minute changes or for creating an entire lineup when you can’t be near a computer. Keep an eye out for even more mobile features to come.


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FanDuel releases new “Export Lineup” feature

Our team has been hard at work on a new way for users to quickly make modifications to multiple lineups.

Our new “Export Lineup” feature allows you toΒ take the lineup from one of your entries and export it to any number of your other existing entries. This feature will also allow you to see your various lineups for the day and the contests you’ve entered into with each.

This is a frequently requested feature from our users who play a high-volume of contests and the feedback on it so far has been very positive. Please let us know if you would like to see any additions or changes to the feature.

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