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Welcome Justin Hume to FanDuel

We’d like to introduce you to Justin Hume (username: JustinAtFanduel) who joins FanDuel as our Operations Assistant. Justin has worked for several fantasy sports businesses, including and He also ran (a website that provided daily baseball projections) and (a website that provided weekly football projections) back in the dark ages of daily fantasy, before FanDuel was created. Justin’s fantasy sports experience goes back further than his work history, as he has played in a wide variety of contests over the years. Justin graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.A. in Business Administration. As you might expect, he’s a diehard Jayhawks fan.

Justin’s responsibilities at FanDuel will include involvement in a wide variety of Product Operations tasks, such as contest and tournament creation, administration of player lists and pricing, and communications regarding various FanDuel promotions. The addition of Justin to the FanDuel team will allow us to make proactive adjustments, such as promptly offering more quantity and variety of tournament types that are in high demand, and rapidly adjusting player pricing to reduce lineup overlap.


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NHL Tournament Entry Limit

Starting on Tuesday, February 28th most NHL tournaments on FanDuel will allow a maximum of five entries per player. This change (combined with last month’s new requirement for entries in all contests to be made up of players from at least three teams) will reduce the ability of high volume players to dominate tournaments by creating numerous entries, with each one ‘stacking’ players from a different team. This was a very popular request and we believe that the change will provide a more enjoyable experience for those entering NHL tournaments on FanDuel. We anticipate putting a similar entry cap in place for most MLB tournaments. Because the NBA, NFL, and CBB scoring systems do not favor ‘stacking’ teams to the same extent as NHL and MLB, our current plans do not include setting limits on tournament entries for those sports.

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New FanDuel Chat Functions

As you may have noticed, we’ve made some improvements to the FanDuel chat room. Some of the new features are obvious – there’s now a tab that allows you to hide chat if you’re not interested in seeing what’s being said there. You can also break the chat room out into it’s own window by clicking the small icon in the upper right corner of the chat room. In addition, some issues with chat room scrolling are now fully resolved. One behind the scenes change that should make the chat room a more pleasant place to visit is that we’ve upgraded the chat moderation functions, so that those we’ve assigned chat mod rights will be able to help ensure that chat conversation remains relevant.

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FanDuel Upgrades Quick Player Replace Function

FanDuel has released an upgraded version of our Quick Player Replace function.  Based on feedback from users of this function, you can now select which start time and salary cap combination you will be making a player substitution for.  This filtering ability makes Quick Player Replace more flexible, and allows more effective lineup editing for people who are entered in contests with different start times or different salary caps on the same day.  For those who are new to the Quick Player Replace function, it can be accessed from either the main ‘My Contests’ screen or the ‘Upcoming Entries’ screen.

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