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The $100,000 FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship Is Here!

While I know many of you have been growing accustomed to the $5000 MVP and the $4000 Home Run contests, I’m sure in the back of your mind you kept wondering “When exactly is there going to be some ridiculously huge tournament going on?”

Well, the answer is right now.

The $100,000 FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship begins this Friday, May 13th. And one person is going to have a very lucky Friday the 13th. But let’s get to how the tournament works.

Every Friday from May 13th to September 2nd, FanDuel will have a DFBC qualifier. There’s $2000 up for grabs each week, but the key prize is for each week’s winner – a seat in the 20-person Sept. 9th final with nearly $70,000 on the line. All 20 finalists will win money, with the overall champion claiming a whopping $25,000.

Now, you may be saying May 13th to September 2nd? That’s only 17 Fridays (actually, you didn’t say that, but I’ll help you out anyway). The extra three spots in the final will come from two awesome challenges we’re doing. The Tournament Kings Challenge – where you have to kick butt in the featured MLB contests. And the Ironman Challenge – where you have to play FanDuel nearly everyday for the next three months (come on you wuss, you know you can do it).

So, not much else to say except that it’s time to get playing. Click here to enter your team and with any luck (or more likely skill), you could soon be the Daily Fantasy Baseball Champion.


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