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An interview with the winner of FanDuel’s $25,000 MLB Grand Slam

Nothing like a little FanDuel

As many of you know by now, user thruthewickets won FanDuel’s $25,000 MLB Grand Slam. In fact, he did more than just win it, he came in first and second.

So who is thruthewickets? His name is Brian and he’s from Buffalo, NY and he joined FanDuel the day before the Grand Slam. The Grand Slam was the first contest he ever played on FanDuel. Let’s let Brian tell us what it was like to become the definition of an instant winner.

How does it feel to have won not just first place, but second place too in FanDuel’s $25,000 MLB Grand Slam?

What an unbelievable day. I didn’t even check the scores until about 8pm, when I noticed I had a few entries near the top of the leaderboard. I then watched the Seattle game closely, having selected Felix Hernandez. He came through with a big game and I was pretty stunned to finish 1st & 2nd. It still really hasn’t sunk in.
Who was your most important player?

Without a doubt it was J.P. Arencibia. He put up a great score with a low price tag. (Arencibia – who only cost $2,200 – put up 17.75 points)

Is this the first time you have played one-day fantasy?

Yes! Some major beginner’s luck…but I can’t ever see going back to season long leagues after this experience. It’s so exciting competing every day.

Have you ever won anything like this before?

Not unless you consider winning concert tickets from a radio station to be something like this.

How did you find out about FanDuel?

My friend John (who plays as Buffalo66 on FanDuel) suggested I give daily fantasy sports a try. He recommended FanDuel because of the large field contests you offer regularly.

What will you do with your winnings?

Well, I’m trying to decide between 20,000 chicken wings with extra bleu cheese, or a camel. If there’s anything left over, I might play some more FanDuel contests.

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A brand new user wins the FanDuel MLB Grand Slam!

Imagine joining FanDuel on Thursday, playing in the $25,000 MLB Grand Slam on Friday and then waking up to $7500 in your account on Saturday. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not if you’re FanDuel user thruthewickets. Yes, thruthewickets joined FanDuel on Thursday, entered several amazing teams into the Grand Slam on Friday, and wound up not just winning the $5000 first place Grand Slam prize, he also came in second too ($2500). Not bad for one day’s work.

So who did the winning team consist of? P – Felix Hernandez, C – J.P. Arencibia, 1B – Adam Dunn, 2B – Gordon Beckham, 3B – Placido Polanco, SS – Hanley Ramirez, LF – Adam Lind, CF – Carlos Gonzalez, RF – Jose Bautista. That team produced the winning score of 86 points.  His 2nd place team scored 82 points.

The remaining top 10 finishers – aside from hockey specialist and chat room regular, hendog – featured quite a few new users. They are as follows:

3. jmp5029 ($1700 – 75 points)
4. leftybob721 ($1150 – 73.5 points)
5. hendog ($850 – 73.25 points)
6. jmp5029 ($675 – 72.41 points)
7. joker_49024 ($525 – 72.33 points)
8. sleekgreek ($400 – 71.33 points)
9. boxcars ($400 – 70.75 points)
10. gruntz ($400 – 70.66 points)

Thanks again to all for playing, and be sure to check out these upcoming games.

$4,000 Saturday MLB Home Run – $10 entry, capped at 444 total entries

$1,000 Saturday MLB Bunt – $5 entry, no cap on total number of entries

$2,500 Sunday MLB Steal – $5 entry, capped at 555 total entries

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Last chance to enter the $25,000 MLB Grand Slam

Today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. April 1st. And not just so we can prank our coworkers (my personal favorite is the saran wrap on the toilet seat).

No, I’m talking about today, April 1st, is the day of the $25,000 MLB Grand Slam on FanDuel. $5000 for 1st place – not bad for one day’s work – and prizes down to 150th place.

By the way, did you know this is the largest single day fantasy payout ever? That it is. So join in before the 1:05pm EST cut off. And by Saturday morning, you may be a much richer individual and we will all fall to the ground in awe in your majesty.

So, as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in Predator: “Do it! Do it now!” As in, enter the contest.

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