The $25,000 FanDuel Fantasy Baseball One-Day Grand Slam is here. BOOM.

March 4, 2011 at 8:04 pm Leave a comment

So I’m sure a few of you have noticed that there’s a new game up in the banner. It says “MLB Grand Slam.” Oh yes, my friends, is it ever a grand slam.

The $25,000 FanDuel Fantasy Baseball One-Day Grand Slam takes place on April 1st, the first full day of MLB games (yes, we know the season starts March 31st, but there aren’t a ton of games that day, and we want you to have all players at your disposal for this contest). This contest is the largest one-day fantasy prize pool EVER. So not only can you win a ton of money, you get to compete in something that’s historic.

The prizes structure is pretty ridiculous as well. $5000 for 1st, $2500 for second, $1700 for 3rd, and on and on. There are prizes all the way down to 150th place. Yes, 150th place. Seriously.

So who’s excited about MLB starting? Man, I know we are and you should be too. Get your picks in for the MLB Grand Slam now!


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