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FanDuel Insider is here to provide you with great fantasy sports articles

We’re exactly one week away from the $25K MLB Grand Slam, so it’s time to introduce you to FanDuel’s newest creation: FanDuel Insider.

FanDuel Insider is a site devised to assist you in all aspects of daily fantasy sports. Currently, the site is focused only on MLB. We’ll have everything from batter/pitcher matchups, pitching suggestion, stat breakdowns, feature stories, interviews with winners and more. And we’d also like to introduce you to our current staff. All five of our MLB writers have an extensive background writing about MLB. In fact, you probably know most of them. We’ve also listed their usernames since you’re bound to see them on site playing as well. They are:

Derek Carty (derekcarty): Manager and lead writer for The Hardball Times
RJ White (rjwhitepages): Lead writer and editor at Fantasy Baseball Café and Fantasy Football Café.
Chet Gresham (cgdoc): Lead writer for Razzball Baseball and Razzball Football
Will Brinson (rwbrinso): Published on Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, The Sporting News, Senior NFL blogger for
Antonio D’Arcangelis (tonydizzle): Published on, Yahoo! Sports and RotoExperts

They already been writing articles for the past week. There are already some great articles on park factors, finding cheap pitching value and Opening Day matchups.

So check out the site now. We’ll have a minimum of two articles per day for you, and often as many as four or five. Good luck with MLB season.


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$500 Fanduel Refer-a-friend Contest: Mar 21-Mar 31

Fanduel will be awarding a total of $500 to the top finishers in our refer-a-friend contest, which will run from 12:01am Eastern on Monday, March 21 though 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, March 31.

Only referrals of new players who register and make their first deposit during the time period of the contest will be counted. The top three finishers in this contest will be awarded $300, $150, and $50.

Players referred using an affiliate code will not be counted. To receive credit for a referral make sure that they use your personal referral link or respond to a contest challenge or invitation link.

The contest will have no impact on other bonuses received for referring new players (or received by new players for being referred).

Also, please note that we will not be providing interim updates on contest standings.

Any attempts to cheat in this contest (including, but not limited to, the creation of bogus accounts) will result in disqualification from the contest at Fanduel’s discretion and may result in other penalties.

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New draft screen is live!

New FanDuel draft screenWith a new season of MLB approaching, we’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning. We are thrilled to announce the release of our new draft screen design! Some of you will already have seen it in beta, and it has now been switched on to become the default for everyone. Thanks to all of you who provided feedback in the beta trial process.

We evolved this screen to overcome some of the problems with the old design. It had started as an early FanDuel prototype and was starting to look pretty crowded, especially for big contests. The new and improved version is better in several ways:

  • More compact – the height is approximately 30% shorter than the previous design, making entering more convenient
  • Improved player navigation – made easier with position tabs and game matchup filters instead of drop-down boxes
  • Entry list – for leagues and tournaments you can now see who has entered already
  • Prize list – the prize total and prizes by position are shown more clearly
  • Clearer entry fee selection – brought to the top and made more prominent
  • Better user feedback – explaining why you can’t add some players (e.g. because you’ve already selected their position)
In summary, the changes were intended to improve usability, aesthetics and help new users understand it on their first visit. We hope you like the new look! As always, please do let us know what you think.

Our other priorities on the development side have been getting things in shape for MLB season, including scaling up our infrastructure to cope with what we hope will be a huge influx of new players. There will also be plenty more exciting on-site developments to come over the next few weeks and months so watch this space!

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The $25,000 FanDuel Fantasy Baseball One-Day Grand Slam is here. BOOM.

So I’m sure a few of you have noticed that there’s a new game up in the banner. It says “MLB Grand Slam.” Oh yes, my friends, is it ever a grand slam.

The $25,000 FanDuel Fantasy Baseball One-Day Grand Slam takes place on April 1st, the first full day of MLB games (yes, we know the season starts March 31st, but there aren’t a ton of games that day, and we want you to have all players at your disposal for this contest). This contest is the largest one-day fantasy prize pool EVER. So not only can you win a ton of money, you get to compete in something that’s historic.

The prizes structure is pretty ridiculous as well. $5000 for 1st, $2500 for second, $1700 for 3rd, and on and on. There are prizes all the way down to 150th place. Yes, 150th place. Seriously.

So who’s excited about MLB starting? Man, I know we are and you should be too. Get your picks in for the MLB Grand Slam now!

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Upcoming Tournaments

With the Grand Slam taking up one of the four featured contest spots on the Fanduel home page, we’re going to start using this space to provide links to upcoming tournaments.  Here are links for the rest of this week:

$4500 Friday NBA Dunk ($25 entry, capped)

$1000 Friday NBA Rebound ($10 entry, uncapped)

$1200 Saturday NHL Shootout ($10 entry, capped)

$4000 Saturday NBA Slam ($10 entry, capped)

$1000 Saturday NBA Tip In ($5 entry, uncapped)

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