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Plenty of Big Time NFL Leagues This Weekend

Didn’t win a spot in the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship? Didn’t win a trip to Vegas and $25,000? Well, no problem. Even though there’s no trip to Vegas up to win this weekend, there is plenty of money.

This weekend FanDuel has not one, but two NFL leagues going on. The first is the $4,000 NFL Blitz. The game only covers Sunday’s games, so it’s one day and you’re done. And here’s the good news. You get a money payout out to 40th place. Entry fee is just $10.

But let’s say you want a bigger challenge, and greater prizes. Then join the $2,500 NFL Elite game. Again, this game only covers Sunday’s games, but since it only pays out to 4th place, your winnings are much greater. Like $1000 for first place. I could totally use that kind of money, to say the least. Entry fee is $50, which means you better bring your A-game. But if you do, you’ll be rewarded.

So get your picks in by Sunday at 1pm EST and pretty soon you’ll have some extra scratch to go out and buy some Christmas gifts.


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Joe Vance (generalv) is the FanDuel Fantasy Football Champion!

Joe Vance (generalv) is the 2010 FanDuel Fantasy Football Champion! Joe is now $25,000 richer, which is a good thing to be in Las Vegas. What is he going to do with the money? You’ll have to watch the video.

Second place and $10,000 went to John Bogart (pudge) and third place and $5,000 went to Nathan Zegura (tfc_zegura).

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Joe Vance (generalv) really enjoys a Peyton Manning pick-six

Joe Vance (generalv) is currently in first place – and it looks like he’ll win the FFFC final – but the play that began to seal things for him was Peyton Manning’s second pick six. Joe was noticeably pleased, to say the least.

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Joe Vance Definitely Likes The Effort of Donald Driver

Joe Vance definitely enjoyed the TD that Donald Driver had earlier today against the 49ers. The one where Driver basically willed himself into the endzone. We didn’t manage to get Joe’s energetic yell on here, but he spoke with us about the play.

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Joe Vance Speaks About The FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship

Before kickoff today, Joe Vance spoke with us about the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship. He’s one of the 10 finalists in Las Vegas playing for $40,000.

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FFFC Finals Coverage Here

For the latest finalist video interviews, live scoring during the finals today, and more FFFC finals coverage from Fanduel, visit the FFFC Finals Page:

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Daniel Wilder Is Ready For The FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship

Daniel Wilder, whose story you can read here, met us today for an interview to discuss the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship. Daniel is one of the 10 finalists, and it’s clear he is ready for Sunday. He’s also extremely excited about, and you know what, if I were competing for $40,000 in prize money, I would be too.

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