Fantasy Stock Up, Stock Down Report For Week 9: Time to Get Blount

November 6, 2010 at 8:54 pm Leave a comment

There’s only two weeks left in the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship, which means it’s time to bear down and make some solid picks so you can head to Vegas to compete for $40,000. So let’s get right to the Fantasy Football Stock Up/Stock Down Report for this week.


LeGarrette Blount (RB – Buccaneers): I had Blount on the stock up list last week. He proceeded to run for 122 yards this past weekend with 2 TDs. But he’s still in the stock up list for two very specific reasons. One is that he’s officially Tampa Bay’s starting RB now, what with Cadillac Williams literally running on fumes. And two, he’s ridiculously cheap, at $6000. So you’re getting a no questions asked #1 back on a competitive team who will be in on goal-line situations and who is almost $4000 cheaper than Adrian Peterson. Are you kidding me?! Sign me up for the rest of the season.

Josh Freeman (QB – Buccaneers): Speaking of those Buccaneers, they’re not too shabby, and neither is Josh Freeman. Freeman is making strides seemingly every week. He plays smart, doesn’t make dumb decisions, and has the capability to run. He’s not going to wow you necessarily with his stats, but he’s a cheap QB who can put up a solid 15-20 points while you spend your extra dough on an extra big time running back or wide receiver.

Greg Olsen (TE – Bears): I know, you’re wondering why on earth I would have a Bear on the stock up list. Especially a Bear as inconsistent as Olsen. And a guy who didn’t catch a pass for two straight weeks. Well, it’s simple. The Bears face the Bills this week. The Bills have a terrible secondary. And if there is ever a chance for Olsen to finally come to life again, it’s this week.

James Jones
(WR – Packers): It looks like the Packers will hold Donald Driver out for this week’s game against the suddenly porous Cowboys secondary. Jones is the next best option, and given this matchup, there’s a chance he could have a huge day.

Stock Down

Julius Jones (RB – Saints): You might look at the schedule this week and say, hey, the Saints have no one at RB except Jones and they’re playing the horrible Panthers. This is a bargain! No so, my friend. The Panthers may be terrible, but it isn’t due to their defense. It’s their abysmal offense. Plus, even though it looks like Jones will be the featured back, there’s no guarantee that Ladell Betts doesn’t get half the carries. It’s easy to picture a typical 10-touch, 20-yard performance for Jones.

Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR – Raiders): The Man Who Was Drafted Before Crabtree finally turned in a great game against the Seahawks this past week, posting 105 yards and a touchdown. However, that was due mainly because Louis Murphy was out and Zach Miller was playing at half speed with an injury. if you think there’s any chance Heyward-Bey repeats this performance, especially against a cornerback like Brandon Flowers of the Chiefs this weekend, you’re kidding yourself.

Jeremy Shockey (TE – Saints): It’s probably time to admit he just isn’t the TE he used to be. Shockey hasn’t had more than 30 yards receiving in a month and he’s hardly getting targeted anymore. You pick a lot of other guys for less money who’ll be way more productive than Shockey.

Bernard Berrian (WR – Vikings): With Randy Moss out of town, the Vikings need someone to stretch the field again. Their best shot to do this is Berrian. However, let’s remember why the Vikings needed Moss in the first place. It was because Berrian wouldn’t fight for balls and lost Brett Favre’s trust. Sure, he’s an attractive looking option as the Moss replacement, but I think it honestly makes sense to stay as far away from anyone on the Vikings as possible these days. That team is a powder keg ready to explode.


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