“The Fantasy Consultant” Proves He’s Worth His Salt

October 13, 2010 at 10:41 pm 2 comments


Nathan - he *does* know his football


Nathan Zegura, aka “The Fantasy Consultant“, has now proved that he is a real fantasy expert. While many of the fantasy football “experts” who have entered the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship 2010 have floundered around the middle (or even bottom!) of the weekly qualifying rounds, Nathan won the week 4 round and won his seat at the FFFC Grand Final in Las Vegas in December.

We caught up with him in LA just before he aired his live football show with Ashton Kutcher. Being an ex management consultant, he knows a lot about strategy – and has some sound advice for FanDuel players.

Name: Nathan Zegura

Age: 32

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Family: Wife & 2 kids age 2 ½ years and 9 mths

Occupation:  The Fantasy Consultant

So, you won! You must be so pleased! How did it feel?

Awesome! I was so fired up! When I checked my FanDuel team on Monday, I saw I was in 11th place. So I spent a lot of time checking all the other teams in the top 20 working out who still had players to start. I still had Brandon Marshall and Stephen Gostkowski to play, but there was one other guy who had Marshall too, so I knew it would come down to Gostkowski. I knew I needed him to score at least 11 points.

I was glued to the live scores from then on.

What was your winning formula?

I was doing pretty well in the first couple of weeks of the FFFC, but hadn’t broken through. The week I won, I knew I needed Stephen Gostkowski to have a good game. For my regular season fantasy league, I needed him not to do well. So I ended up losing my regular fantasy league match up, but I was still pretty pleased! I also drafted Zach Miller as my Tight End – he was a real differentiator for me. You’ve got to take risks and chances to come up with a team that’s different to the obvious picks if you want to win.

Finding the “under the radar guys”, the bargains, is the key to winning on FanDuel. I knew my Tight End was a bargain.

Have you won anything like this in the past?

I’ve never entered anything like this before. The concept of a one-week salary cap contest is just awesome. I am getting more and more requests from my subscribers about FanDuel, so it’s definitely becoming very popular.

Other than winning, what for you is the best thing about FanDuel?

The unique thing is that with your regular league, you draft a team, get a bunch of injuries and then your season is over. With FanDuel, you can find diamonds in the rough – and there’s a real strategy in doing that. It’s all about the match-ups and the trends, and it makes you dig deep each week. You can really prove week in, week out that you’re good at this rather than being lumbered with a terrible draft for the season.

FanDuel is just such fun, so quick. You get the rush of the draft all over again each week. It’s so easy to use, and so efficient. With my business and two small kids, I don’t have any time for extra-curricular stuff, so this is just perfect.

Have you been to Las Vegas before?

Oh yes, I love Vegas. I go regularly. I was last there in August staying at the Palms.

If you won the $25,000 in the Grand Final, what would you spend it on?

The first thing I’d do is take a really good vacation with my wife. Just the two of us, a real break. I work 24/7 during the football season, so by December I’m desperate for a vacation.

I’d spend the rest on upgrading my TV viewing area! Leather seats, bar area…you get the picture!

Week 6 of the FFFC is now open for team selection – click here to get your picks in now.

What would you do with $25,000?


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. whits23  |  October 14, 2010 at 12:35 am

    Besides Tony he is the best at the radio station..professional and to the point. No schtick or wasted breath. I am surprised it took him so long to win. I will be expecting my free subscription any day now.

  • 2. Roy Perez  |  November 23, 2011 at 1:12 am

    Hello, My name is Roy, I’m from OREGON. I am in a non ppr standard scoring league. I am 6-5 week 14 starts are playoffs and 6 teams advance. I am currently in a 3 way tie for 6th. I was wondering if you agree with my line up for week 12? Thanks for your help!

    Starting line up for week 12:
    QB: Ryan
    RB’s: S. Jackson and C. Benson
    WR’s: Steve Smith and L. Robinson
    TE: V. Davis
    W/R: K. Smith
    K: Gould
    DEF: Cincy

    Do you agree with my line up?

    Bench is:
    QB: Tebow
    RB: Hillis, J. Stewart, McGahee, Hunter and Ball
    WR: A. Brown, Bowe


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