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Mysterious Mike from New York is your Week 7 FFFC Winner

Mike from New York, who goes by the mysterious name elizabeth4715, has won Week 7 of the FFFC. Mike’s a tough nut to crack, but he’s a great guy and was kind enough to speak with us about his big win. So rather than waste any time, let’s get right to it.

So you won. How did it feel and what was your strategy?

It was a pleasant surprise. You throw your hat in the ring and hope you win. And it wasn’t really strategy, it was just throwing names out there in all honesty.

You actually had the most comfortable win we’ve had in the FFFC yet. You were in first after Sunday and still had a player in the Monday Night Game. What was it like as everything unfolded?

I didn’t pay attention to my score until the 4pm games on Sunday, then I saw I had a chance to be in the top 10. I was a little bit leery about the Minnesota vs. Dallas Monday Night game once Kitna came in, because my only real competitor had Roy Williams. Luckily Kitna went to Dez Bryant instead. Really I wasn’t too stressed out. I started reading the details of the of the contest during the Monday Night game and didn’t realize the contest only went 10 weeks. I thought it would go 15, hahaha.

Have you won anything like this in the past?

Not even close. If I had won a $20 scratcher that would would be big. If it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.

What’s the best thing about the FFFC and FanDuel?

It’s so easy and effortless and it keeps your interest. I also love the chat and being able to communicate with people instantly. There’s real camaraderie on the site.

Who was your best player?

It was actually two players. Roddy White and Michael Turner.

How did you find out about FanDuel?

I was in Philly and I saw it on the site and signed up.

How long have you been playing on FanDuel?

I’ve been playing since April. I did well with baseball and football. I’m pretty miserable at the NHL and NBA though.

If you won the $25,000 in the Grand Final, what would you spend it on?

I haven’t really thought about it, and I don’t want to jinx myself, hahaha.


Week 8 of the FFFC is open for team selection – click here to get your picks in now.

Does that $25,000 have YOUR name on it?


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NFL Fantasy Stock Up/Stock Down Report: Week 8

All right everyone. Time to hit you up with some more fantasy knowledge. Once again, here are some players that it might make sense to use or avoid this weekend in the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship (3 week left) or in your head-to-head or league matchups.

So let’s get to it.


Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB – Bills): Yes, he plays on a winless team, but he threw four TDs against the Ravens and – hold your breath – is the #1 fantasy QB in points per game right now. No, that’s not a typo. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better fantasy QB right now than Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers or Philip Rivers. One thing to note is that while Bills head coach Chan Gailey is a terrible coach, he’s an extremely gifted offensive coordinator. Gailey has made a lot of journeymen QBs look quite good over the years. As long as Fitzpatrick is playing for Gailey, you can be confident Fitzpatrick will play well.

John Kitna (QB – Cowboys): Kitna’s 38 years old, and doesn’t have much left in the tank, but he has a great matchup in Week 8 against a bad Jaguars secondary. Considering Kitna basically has two #1 receivers to throw to in Miles Austin and Dez Bryant, you’ve got to like Kitna. Plus he’s ridiculously cheap ($5,200).

LeGarrette Blount (RB – Buccaneers): I’ve been touting him for a while, and he finally got his chance against the Rams this last weekend, going for 72 yards on 11 carries. Because he’s a punishing runner, expect Blount to get goal-line duties and about 14-18 carries a game. And don’t be surprised if he takes over nearly full time for Cadillac Williams, who is averaging under three yards per carry.

Nate Burleson
(WR – Lions): Burleson is quietly having a good season. This week with Matt Stafford back, and the Lions going up against a Redskins secondary that hemorrhages fantasy points, Burleson is a great third wide receiver.


Stock Down

Drew Brees (QB – Saints): Something stinks in New Orleans. Their offense is nothing like it was last year and Drew Brees is having one rough season so far. Is this all due to the Reggie Bush injury? That’s the big question. Bush’s prognosis for playing in Week 8 is up in the air right now. Best to lay off using Brees until Bush gets back and we can reassess the Saints’ offense.

Jordan Shipley (WR – Bengals): Shipley’s Week 7 numbers (6 catches, 131 yards, one TD) were the result of a furious comeback attempt by the Bengals where they had to do almost nothing but throw. No chance he repeats that performance anytime soon.

Brandon Lloyd (WR – Broncos): Lloyd has had some big games this year and is averaging 100 yards per game receiving, but he hasn’t found the end zone all that often. Combine this with the fact that the Broncos are an absolute mess right now, Lloyd is known for being exceptionally streaky, and he’s been held in check for two straight games. The logic is to start backing off from using him. You don’t know what you’re going to get.

Matt Forte (RB – Bears): Forte is unfortunately caught in a terrible situation. Jay Cutler is reverting to 2009 form, the Bears’ O-line is dreadful, and Mike Martz is doing everything possible to avoid running the ball. Combine this with the fact that Chester Taylor is seemingly the goal-line back for the Bears, and Forte looks less and less like an RB you’d trust.

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Have you voted for FanDuel?

Techcrunch Best Sports Startup FanDuel has been shortlisted for Best Sports & Entertainment Startup 2010 by It would be awesome to win this, but the competition is super stiff. So every vote counts. Vote here: – it will only take you 2 seconds, honestly!

More publicity = more FanDuellers = more money to win! So, get voting now!

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Fanduel NBA Writers Contest

We’re running an NBA Writers contest this season, which follows a similar structure to our NHL contest.  There will be a total of seven one day contests (each with a cash prize to the top finisher) as well as a prize for the highest individual weekly score of the seven contests.  The contests will be on Wednesday’s and the first leg is in the books.

1st (321 points) – Rich Wilson (richw) from Fantasy Pros 911.

2nd (289 points) – Brandon Ribak (nbaprimetime) from NBA Primetime.

3rd (271 points) – Josh (sirahlst) from Sign And Trade.

4th (244 points) – Seth Pollack (seth_pollack) from Bright Side Of The Sun .

5th (242 points) – Nels Wadycki (nelswadycki) from Give Me The Rock.

6th (232 points) – Tom Ziller (tomziller) from Sactown Royalty .

7th (225 points) – Zack Cimini (notjustagame) from Not Just A Game.

8th (190 points) – Andrew Isaac (isaacand) from Guyism.

Rich’s winning roster consisted of Devin Harris, Chris Paul, Monta Ellis, Brandon Roy, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, and Andrew Bogut.

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FanDuel’s Fantasy Football Writers League Week 7 Report: Ben Ice Comes Up Big

Even though pretty much no one selected Darren McFadden or Kenny Britt this weekend (a combined 7 TDs), there were still plenty of other players who put up some monster numbers. And more than a few experts took advantage.

For the first time, two experts finished in the top ten, despite an all-time high of 670 entries in the FFFC this past weekend. Ben Ice, the founder of RotoExperts and senior writer at Fantasy Sharks, came in 2nd, winning $500. Will Brinson of CBS Sports came in 9th, winning $60. Nate Zegura of The Fantasy Consultant (who won Week 4 flat-out and who always seems to be lurking near the top) just missed some prize money by coming in 11th.

Here’s how everyone placed this week:

2. Ben Ice – Founder of RotoExperts, Senior writer at Fantasy Sharks (ben_ice) – 153.5
9. Will Brinson – CBS Sports football blogger and writer (rwbrinso) – 142.52
11. Nathan Zegura – Founder of The Fantasy Consultant (tfc_zegura) – 141.94
40. Marc Caviglia – Bruno Boys Fantasy Football (brunoboys) – 131.44
62. Joe Fortenbaugh – National Football Post (national_football_post) – 126.92
153. Tom Herrera – AOL Fanhouse (snydayre) – 114.74
217. Andrew Isaac – Sports editor at Guyism (isaacand) – 110.2
265. Paul Greco – Founder of FantasyPros911 and associate editor of Baseball Digest (paulgreco) – 105.62
272. Jimmy Traina – Sports Illustrated (jimmy_traina) – 105.14
283. Matt Mullin of (philly_sports) – 104.44
342. Stephen Douglas – Writer for The Big Lead (crm_stephen) – 100.28
367. Brian Berkowitz – Senior Director of Digital Media at and (bberkowitz) – 99.24
410. Chet Gresham – Editor at Razzball (cgdoc) – 95.54
444. Randy Youngman – Columnist at Orange County Register (R_Youngman) 93.14
472. Jack Decker – Lead fantasy football writer at Sports Blog Nation (thesavant) – 90.94
492. Joe Kinsey – Founder of Busted Coverage (bustedcoverage) – 89.54
494. Eric Fisher – Sports Business Journal (e_fisher) – 89.38
504. Matt Ufford – Editor at Uproxx Media, author of Warming Glow, founder of With Leather and Kissing Suzy Kolber (matt_ufford) – 88.78
537. Will Leitch – former editor of Deadspin, contributing editor to New York Magazine, Sporting News columnist (will_leitch) – 85.88
583. Bill Kline – Sports editor of The Morning Call (bill_kline) – 81.14

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NHL Writers League Week 3: Hockey Joe Knows His Hockey

Week 3 of the NHL Writers League is complete, and Joe Yerdon (JYerdon), Editor of Pro Hockey Talk on, knows his fantasy hockey. Joe compiled a team that managed to score 45.8 points, just barely beating Andrew Bucholtz (andrew_bucholtz), Editor of Yahoo’s CFL blog 55-yard Line, Sporting Madness and Canuck Puck, who scored 45.6 points.

So far, that’s three different winners for the first three weeks of the contest.

Kevin Schultz of Barry Melrose Rocks still has the season high score of 50.2 points.

Here’s how everyone did that played in Week 3.

1. Joe Yerdon (JYerdon) – Editor of Pro Hockey Talk on – 45.8
2. Andrew Bucholtz (andrew_bucholtz) – Editor of Yahoo’s CFL blog 55-yard Line, Editor of Sporting Madness and Canuck Puck – 45.6
3. Mike Chen (bswb97) – Editor of From The Rink – 40.1
4. Gary Wilson (landsharkhockey) – Editor of Landshark Hockey – 32
5. Michael Remis (illegalcurve) – Producer, Webmaster, Twitterer & Tech Wizard for Illegal Curve – 29.2
6. Cam Davie (camdavie) – Editor of Canucks Army – 21.2
7. Sean Leahy (sleahy21) – Associate editor of Yahoo’s NHL blog Puck Daddy – 19.6
8. Chris Wassel (chriswassel) – Editor of Inside Hockey – 19.5
9. Julie Veilleux (metricjulie) – Editor of – 17.7

If you want to start playing NHL fantasy, then head right here and get started.

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Expert fantasy advice on who to pick for your Week 7 NFL games

If you’re like me (currently working on an eight game losing streak) then you can use any extra help you can get for the FFFC or just general matchups. Luckily, a few of the guys in our NFL Writers League were kind enough to offer some insights into who they’re selecting this week for their team.

The two experts who kindly offered their advice are Will Brinson of NFL Facts and Rumors at CBS Sports (Will also recently did a cool podcast with Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports about how dumb the BCS is) and Andrew Isaac, the sports editor for the men’s site Guyism.

Both Will and Andrew have focused on bargain players that might help your team this weekend, because after all, it’s usually the bargain player that makes the difference in your game on FanDuel. So let’s get to their thoughts.

First up is Will:

Matt Cassel, QB – I’m probably riding Cassel’s train for the next few weeks, considering he gets an easy pass D schedule (the Jags are putrid — I also like Bowe this week too) and is cheap enough where if you’re willing to skimp on D, K and TE, you can land two elite RBs and three elite WRs.

Panthers, Defense: The Carolina Panthers stink. Trust me, I’m a Cats fan — but just because they’re 0-5 and can’t get anything going offensively doesn’t mean that they’re not useful from a fantasy D perspective, particularly in a weekly format where you don’t have to drop anyone. They’re third in the NFL in yards per play (4.6) and while they cough up 134.4 yards per game on the ground, that’s mainly because people are icing them after getting up more than one point; they only give up 3.8 yards per carry. Add Alex “Pick Six” Smith to the mix, and you have the recipe for a low-cost, high-output D option this week.

John Kasay, Kicker: Ha, yes, I am a homer, thanks for asking. But look, Kasay ranks as the cheapest possible kicking option that’s a starter and the Panthers should be able to move the ball reasonably well against the Niners without really scoring. Plus, you couple him with their defense and you get to take your pick on elite RBs and WRs.

Next up is Andrew:

Joe Flacco, QB – If you’re looking for a cheaper option at QB, consider Flacco ($7,700). He hasn’t thrown an INT at home this year and they’re playing Buffalo, which has a dreadful secondary.

Mike Williams, WR – A good third WR to go with this week is the Seahawks’ Mike Williams. Yes, the same man who ate himself out of the league is coming off the best game of his career and ultimately, might prove to be a viable go-to guy down the road.

Jamal Charles, RB – Kansas City’s Jamal Charles has an extremely favorable match-up. Jacksonville will more than likely fall behind early on the road which should force KC to run the ball consistently in the second half.

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