Welcome Scott Shay and Jen Giudice to FanDuel

We’d like to introduce you to the two newest additions to the FanDuel team. Scott Shay (username: ScottAtFanduel) and Jen Giudice (username: JenAtFanDuel) join our customer support team as Customer Support Agents.

Jen graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology, in Boston, with a BS in Industrial Design. Prior to joining the team she served as Associate Manager at Under Armour. Although she lived in Boston for 4 years, she still stayed committed to the ever-lovable New York Yankees. However, during basketball season, she does root for the Celtics. In addition to following the Yankees and Celtics Jen is also an avid volleyball and softball player.

Scott was once junior ping-pong champion in a 12 and under league, as a 14-year-old. You’ll have to ask him for the details about that one. Scott has a self-described “unhealthy long-term relationship” with the New York Knicks which is something I imagine a lot of Knick fans can identify with. Scott has terrible stage fright, a background in musical performance, and girls usually break up with him during the NBA season.

Scott and Jen are both knowledgeable fantasy veterans and we’re excited to add two enthusiastic and well-qualified members to our team. Scott and Jen will allow us to serve our customers’ needs better and faster than ever before, even as we face a rush of new users for the upcoming NFL season.


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Mobile Lobby released

We’ve taken another step towards our goal of a fully-featured, streamlined mobile experience. FanDuel users have already been able to sign up, log-in, edit lineups, and view live scoring on their mobile devices. We’re now excited to announce mobile lobby functionality. Entering contests from your mobile device is easier than ever. Upon logging in you’ll be presented with a streamlined menu to select your preferred sport, contest type, and more to allow you to locate the upcoming contests you’d like to enter. Upon entering you will be able to easily fill out your roster using our existing lineup editing feature.

Keep an eye out for our mobile “Add Funds” coming soon, and please pass along any feedback about this new feature.

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2012 FanDuel NFL is live

Fantasy football at FanDuel has returned, and it’s definitely our biggest season yet.

We’ve got some exciting new additions including:

  • New “Early Only” contests that include only games starting at 1pm. In most cases this will allow players to get paid before the 4:25pm afternoon contests start.
  • Expanded contest sizes. We have 100-man contests up to $10 and 250-man contests at the $1 and $2 buy-in levels. Larger leagues are available at every buy-in level.
  • More 50/50 options. We’ve added 50-man 50/50s at the lower buy-in levels and we now offer 50/50s ranging all the way up to $535 entry.
  • Bigger tournaments. FanDuel’s weekly tournaments are truly huge this year. Week 1 features over $200,000 in guaranteed tournament payouts including our largest weekly offering the NFL Bomb with a $25 entry fee and $30,000 in prizes.

In addition to all this, we’ve announced the 2012 FFFC with over $500,000 in prizes and 24 all-expense paid trips to Las Vegas. Our NFL contests are already available in the lobby, so get started planning those line-ups.

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Announcing $2 created contests

We’re happy to announce the addition of $2 created leagues and head-to-head contests on FanDuel. This has been a common request from users over the past couple of weeks and we were happy to make the change.

You can find these new contests from the main lobby by clicking the green button for either “Create League” or “Create Head-to-Head”. Enjoy!

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Mobile Draft Screen released

FanDuel is excited to announce the release of our new mobile draft screen. FanDuel users have been able to log-in, see their live and upcoming contests, and watch live scoring on our mobile beta site for several weeks now, but now users will be able to create and edit lineups quickly and easily from their mobile devices.

Our mobile draft screen was created with an emphasis on speed, simplicity, and convenience. FanDuel users can remove players with a single click, and add players through our new mobile player selection screen which allows either scrolling through a full list of available players or typing in all or part of a player’s name to narrow down the list. The new mobile site is great for last-minute changes or for creating an entire lineup when you can’t be near a computer. Keep an eye out for even more mobile features to come.

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FanDuel releases new “Export Lineup” feature

Our team has been hard at work on a new way for users to quickly make modifications to multiple lineups.

Our new “Export Lineup” feature allows you to take the lineup from one of your entries and export it to any number of your other existing entries. This feature will also allow you to see your various lineups for the day and the contests you’ve entered into with each.

This is a frequently requested feature from our users who play a high-volume of contests and the feedback on it so far has been very positive. Please let us know if you would like to see any additions or changes to the feature.

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FanDuel launches “Early Only” MLB contests

Starting tomorrow FanDuel will be running “Early Only” MLB contests that include only the afternoon games for a given day on the MLB schedule. This will allow a lot of advantages for our players:

– No need to guess early at starting lineups for late games.

– Players won’t have to wait until the end of the late night games each day to see the results of their contests.

– Payouts will be made at the conclusion of the last early game meaning funds will be available for use in our 7pm ET contests on the same day.

You’ll find these contests in the main game lobby with the label “(Early Only)” attached.

Note: for technical reasons 50/50s won’t carry the label, we’re working on a fix for this, but in the meantime double check your 50/50 entries to ensure you’ve entered the one you intended.

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